Don’t You Forget It: Paquito is Forever Saxy

Debbie Burke


Skimping on an intro of Paquito D’Rivera would only occur in journalism because of his intense fame and signature sound, ingrained in jazz and Latin music devotees around the globe. So no, he doesn’t need to be introduced. But he deserves it.

Alto sax and clarinet are the axes of choice that he wields with uncanny and God-loving perfection. The man swings…sings…wails…goes up and out and beyond…with trills and style, flawless tonguing of 16th notes and glassy-smooth sostenuto; a master of breath control and the ability to play with total wild abandon, his goal to free a note into the stratosphere in which he succeeds time after time.

Why do you love the sax?

Because I’m a Sax maniac. I even wrote a book titled My Sax Life.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received about finding your own style?

 You don’t look for your own voice…

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